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Police refute claims that the fabric closure was part of a "vendetta"

The organisation representing UK property developers also refuses to take the blame

  • Dave Turner
  • 20 September 2016

The London police force associated with the closure of fabric has denied there was underlying mission to have the club's licence revoked.

BBC Newsbeat reports Cameron Leslie, the co-founder of the Farringdon venue, suggests in a forthcoming interview with B.Traits on Radio 1 that Islington Police had it in for the club after it won an appeal against sniffer dogs and ID scanning being introduced last year.

He told B.Traits: "That was the very first time we had stood up to the police and the council. Before that we had always worked very closely together. We said that these points were wrong and they don't work for us. It's not because we are being obstructive - we never have been.

"If I am honest I think we came out of that and put some noses out of joint and that is why we are here today. It is my very firm belief that it was a feeling that 'nobody does that to us' and they got us back."

However, Islington Police's Commander Nick Davies, who only started working in the north London borough in May, strictly denies this is the case.

"I have only been working in Islington since May, so for me to say it's a vendetta, I don't think so. I had no knowledge of Cameron [the co-founder of Fabric] before this period. But there have been two deaths on my watch, which makes me have to do something."

People against the club closing down have also suggested property developers are to blame for Islington Council's decision, but The British Property Federation claims it doesn't "take the decisions about what type of buildings should be in particular locations."

A discussion on the future of UK nightlife is being held at fabric today and will be streamed on our Facebook from 2.30pm BST.

[Via: Newsbeat]

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