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Police directed to target and crack down on rave parties in Goa

The iconic Goa party destination enforces a stricter rule on raves

  • Valerie Lee
  • 16 August 2017

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has instructed police forces to target and crack down on rave parties in remote areas of Goa as part of an attempt to decrease "drug proliferation amongst youth" in the state.

“Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed," Parrikar said to the media. "Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped." His frustrations and actions were sparked by the deaths of two party goers who died after a suspected drug overdose after attending a party in North Goa's Anjuna village.

The authorities point an alleged increase in drug usage to the "lack of direction" that young people of the area are currently facing, which is said to stem from high unemployment rates. Chief Minister Parrikar also commented on new age drugs, stating that now there are many that are not easily identifiable, which has added to the problem.

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