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This is what East London raves looked like in the 80s and 90s

Before the days of Pret on Brick Lane

  • Emmanuel Grima
  • 1 July 2016

With beloved venues shutting to make way for yuppie cafes and over-priced flats, it's easy to forget that East London was once the hub of UK's thriving rave scene.

To jog your memory, Youth Club will be hosting their Origins East exhibition, featuring photos from youth culture aficionados Dave Swindells, Gavin Watson, Adam Friedman, and Teddy Fitzburgh.

Celebrating the influential role that 80s and 90s rave culture played in transforming Shoreditch and surrounding areas from a "derelict urban wasteland" to what it is today, these photos will be taking it right back to the acid jazz and rave culture that defined an era for Londoners

The exhibition runs from July 7 – August 22 at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. There is also a panel event with the photographers (free with signup) hosted by Bill Brewster on Tuesday July 12.

The exhibition will also include an auction of all works displayed. All profits from sale of works will go to both Youth Club’s ‘Museum of Culture’ project and the Night Time Industries Association ‘Nightlife Matters’ two vital campaigns involved in both safeguarding and preserving club culture.

[Photos: Dave Swindells, Gavin Watson, Adam Friedman, Teddy Fitzburgh]

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