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Patrice Bäumel

'Speicher 85' (Kompact)


  • Jeremy Abbott
  • 8 April 2015
Patrice Bäumel

Following hot on the heels of Kölsch's 'Speicher 84', Patrice Bäumel offers up some prime-time electronica.

Brace yourselves for two completely different yet highly intelligent dancefloor bombs.

First up is the percussion-heavy 'Lowrider' which doesn't offer up much more than a set of fiery drums and thick basslines.

It's a fantastic tool and one that acts as one big build -up, perfect for teasing your crowd to the point of agony. 'The Vanishing', however, is far meatier; by using cosmic synths and razor-sharp undertones, Bäumel has created a wondrous electro/techno crossover.

Two killer cuts from Kompakt.

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