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Oscar Mulero

Harsh, atmospheric techno from Madrid's finest

  • Funster
  • 13 January 2016
Oscar Mulero

In May last year, Oscar Mulero went In Session for us and delivered one of the most driving, 'muscular' mixes to date. It was one of the most focused sets that we've featured but that shouldn't come as any surprise.

Mulero is Madrid's answer to Klock, a national treasure in the techno scene and one that's been operating since the late 80s.

His style is fierce and unbridled so if you're looking for electronic music that's brimming with bite, then Oscar should be your go-to source.

He runs things over at Warm Up Recordings and for the third entry in the Pattern series, Mulero has stepped up once again to bring forward more of the cutthroat same. The 'Arcade' EP contains three punishing techno behemoths and we have the premiere of 'Lights'.

The track is a lesson in steely, mutant rhythm, the kind that wriggle and squirm with a mechanical groove. Piercing bells and shuffling percussion drive from the off, before thrashing cymbals and ominous hi-hats take charge.

Although bleak and harsh on the surface, it's a track that will inspire sheer delight when played in the right setting.

The 'Arcade' EP will drop on January 22

[Photo Credit: Paul Krause]

Funster is Mixmag's Digital Music Editor, you can follow him on Twitter here

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