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OFF feat Sven Väth (Roman Flügel remix)

Classic synth-pop turns techno madness

  • Emmanuel Grima
  • 11 July 2016
OFF feat Sven Väth (Roman Flügel remix)

It’s only fitting that Roman Flügel has blessed us with a remix of Sven Väth’s classic 'Electrica Salsa', a track which was heavily on rotation in Sven’s seminal Omen club where Roman first fell in love with techno. Since those early days at Omen, Mr Flügel has melted his fair share of dancefloors himself, from Panorama Bar to Amnesia and seemingly everywhere in-between.

When not sending dancers into a deep trance with his eclectic range as a selector, Roman is busy holding it down on the production front, with tracks ranging from futuristic Italo disco to bleeping acid house. This latest remix is yet another addition to an impressively deep catalogue of remixes from which we are yet to be disappointed.

Sven Väth’s Cocoon label is one of the key reasons for techno’s widespread influence around the globe. Few would argue that Sven is anything less than the godfather of Germany’s thriving techno scene. However, when he first began releasing the tunes that would eventually pave the way for the scene as part of synth-pop trio OFF, he was simply another German kid who loved to rave.

‘Electrica Salsa’ is a dance classic released in Sven’s early years, complete with gibberish vocals over a pre-acid bassline and a trippy video featuring a young Sven jamming with a robot.

The playful 1986 record has gotten a dancefloor-ready makeover from Flügel, driven by a relentless kick liable to give even the most hardened of Berghain’s dancers cardiac arrest and a rolling bass line that you can’t help but get a bit weird to. Throw Roman’s characteristically glitchy synths and spacey keys into the mix and this one is a proper intergalactic journey into whatever stratosphere it is that this man occupies. Check it out below.

The 'Electrica Salsa' EP lands through Cocoon on July 25

1. Electrica Salsa - Henrik Schwarz Dub Version
2. Electrica Salsa - Henrik Schwarz Remix
3. Electrica Salsa - Roman Flügel Remix
4. Electrica Salsa - Henrik Schwarz Radio Edit
5. Electrica Salsa - Original

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