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New NYC photography exhibit shows underground club scenes around the world

Three renowned artists celebrate decades of booming nightlife

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 17 March 2017

Brooklyn based BLAM Gallery will be presenting an exclusive showcase on Friday March 24 celebrating the history and culture of underground club scenes from three vital cities around the world.

The Midnight Mass exhibit will feature photographs and illustrations by three celebrated artists from Berlin, Rio De Janeiro and New York plus experiential showcases of interactive projections, scent, light and a full dance floor, bar and lounge.

The Berlin presentation, created by Felix Scheinberger, cites the city's techno and house scene from the early 2000s until present day. Scheinberger's work highlights original sketches and screen prints of Berghain and KitKat Club, both which have always upheld strict no photo policies.

Vincent Rosenblatt's collection observes Rio De Janeiro's booming Bailes Funk community and urban lifestyle with photographs from his Funk Body and Rio Baile Funk! Favela Rap series.

New York City's seminal club culture is illustrated by Frank Rispoli, who has documented the New Wave scene from 1977 through 1984 with photographs dedicated to the era's motifs in sexuality, identity and nightlife.

BLAM describes Midnight Mass as an immersive experience that looks to "explore and capture the essence and power of booming underground culture. A romanticization of social spaces saturated with human connection, self-expression, recklessness and flamboyancy through performance, drama, dance and music". The gathering will focus on pleasure and the recognition and influence these environments have had on human emotion, identity and fashion.

See full details on BLAM Gallery's Midnight Mass here and check out previews in the photos above.

[Photos: Felix Scheinberger / Vincent Rosenblatt / Frank Rispoli]

[Curator: Nina Catalanotto]

Sydney is Mixmag's US Digital Content Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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