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NYC judge rules that bars can kick out Trump supporters

Religious beliefs vs. political beliefs

  • Harrison Williams
  • 26 April 2018
NYC judge rules that bars can kick out Trump supporters

A judge in New York City has just ruled that bars and venues are allowed to kick out and refuse service to Trump supporters.

According to the NY Post, last year a man named Greg Piatek sued a West Village bar called The Happiest Hour after he was refused service because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Piatek claims that The Happiest Hour's staff was giving him and his friends poor service, so he complained. Upon hearing the complaint, the staff apparently told him that Trump supporters were not allowed in the bar, stating that “anyone who supports Trump — or believes in what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!”

Now after hearing the case, Manhattan Justice David Cohen ruled there is nothing “outrageous” about what the bar did and threw out the case. The judge's ruling came due to the fact that there currently are no laws that protect against political discrimination. The bar’s lawyer, Elizabeth Conway, made her case that only religious, and not political, beliefs are protected under state and city discrimination laws. She blatantly stated, “supporting Trump is not a religion".

In other news, Kanye West (pictured above) has recently been unloading his reasoning for supporting Donald Trump via a serious of tweets. Would a bar or club kick him out as well?

It remains to be seen how this new ruling will affect the bar culture in New York City.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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