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Classic images of NYC Downlow will make you wish it's Glastonbury every weekend

The festival venue has unleashed a plethora of archive pics

  • Mixmag crew
  • 8 August 2016

The NYC Downlow has launched a brand new website.

The gay club – which pops up as part of Glastonbury festival – has been operating for nine years and has earned a rep as one of the best venues in the world.

Now it's got its own online home, where you'll find live recordings from the club as well as a shop selling NYC Downlow merch and a gallery bursting with images taken over the years, a selection of which you can view above.

The NYC Downlow is part of Block9, a surreal entertainment complex that's also home to two other venues, outdoor stage Genosys and the rumbling, bass-orientated London Underground. It's become the highlight of Glastonbury for many and is renowned for its elaborate set design.

Organisers recently revealed plans to bring a Block9 installation to London.