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Numark's new portable turntable has scratch functionality

The Scratch PT01 is due for release in October

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 16 August 2016

Numark has unveiled the PT01 Scratch, a new portable turntable that is the first of its kind to feature an adjustable scratch switch.

The piece of kit has built-in speakers, can be powered by batteries and features a non-slip cartridge system which should enable the needle to stay in contact with record grooves even if the turntable is tilted at an angle or experiencing vibration.

Chris Roman, Numark’s Senior Product Manager, said of the PT01 Scratch: "We know that DJs want to take their music outside and not be restricted to where they practice their art. That's why our portable turntable business is exploding. The PT01 Scratch takes the portable turntable to the next level, by being the only one to provide a real scratch switch. DJs everywhere are going to love this."

Further features of the PT01 Scratch include a hard-wearing case, handle, the ability to digitally rip vinyl to computer, three RPM speeds, an AUX input through which you can connect your phone or any audio source to play background beats, RCA outputs and a headphone jack.

October has been slated for the release date, with the price set at £110. Head to Numark’s website for more details and check out a promotional video below.

[Via: musicradar]

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