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Noel Gallagher takes aim: "I don't wish to know anything about Avicii"

Everyone's favourite outspoken Mancunian lets rip again

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 14 July 2015

As one of the most outspoken musicians on the planet, whenever Noel Gallagher lets rip, it's always entertaining.

No-one is really safe and that includes dance music. The electronic side of the musical spectrum has often been the topic of Noel's banter, with Deadmau5, Defected and Hacienda all getting a mention.

This time however he's taken aim at Swedish sensation Avicii, or more importantly, he's stated he has no idea who he is.

In a recent interview with NME at T in the Park he said: "I don't know anything about Avicii. I don't wish to know anything about Avicii."

The Oasis king then went on to say that the Swede "sounds like a fucking artist from the renaissance period," before hammering it home by asking if it's "like that David Guetta nonsense?"

Never fear though, when learning the EDM superstar was on before him, he put our minds at ease very quickly: "I can save it after that, don't worry about that."

Big up Noel for saying it how it is. Watch the video below.

[via NME]

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