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Nick Clegg wants global drugs policy to be reformed

He's declared defeat to "the war on drugs"

  • Mixmag staff
  • 7 October 2015

Nick Clegg, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, is hoping for a global reform of drug laws, saying "we are losing the war on drugs".

With a campaign funded by Sir Richard Branson and Hungarian-American businessman George Soros, Clegg wants those caught in possession of drugs to be given health care rather than be punished, and will present his case at a United Nations meeting next year.

Preferring Portugal's approach, where drugs have been decriminalised and users are given treatment, Clegg hopes European leaders will challenge the strict approach currently employed by countries such as Russia.

"There is much to play for, but a real risk that this opportunity for modernisation will be lost if the hardliners are allowed to assert their position unchallenged. Until now, European leaders have been all but silent on international drug policy reform.

"I have seen for myself the tendency for governments to place drugs reform in the 'too difficult' category. The UN summit next year should serve as a catalyst for politicians across the EU to give this issue the focus it deserves."

Clegg's not the only one with a refreshed view on the matter, joining a selection of Australian MPs who are calling for drug users to be given health, housing and employment support.

[Via: the Independent]
[Photo: MDMA Team]

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