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New photo book celebrates Detroit techno

A dedication to the soul and gear of the genre and city

  • DeForrest Brown
  • 9 February 2016

‘313ONELOVE’ is a new book project by Berlin photographer Marie Staggat that chronicles the influence of Detroit techno and house. 

Growing from a personal venture simply titled ‘the Detroit Project’, Staggat’s new book and exhibition focuses on the ‘hands’ and ‘gear’ involved in techno’s conception and development. Rife with material from interviews and photographs to drawings and storytelling, the book looks to be a comprehensive and intimate look at the pioneers as well as the tools involved in the genre. Additionally, the photo book will also support a charity for children who share her love of music and its creation. 

Two events will be held in the wake of its upcoming release in March. The first will be in Berlin at Tresor’s Globus room with Underground Resistance-affiliated Timeline set to perform. The second will be on May 25 at Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art during Movement Festival. 

‘313ONELOVE’ will be published on March 31.

[Photo Credit: Marie Staggat]

[Via: RA]

DeForrest Brown is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter

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