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New warning issued for "stronger than average" ecstasy pills

A second warning from Jersey in two weeks

  • Harrison Williams
  • 30 June 2017

Authorities in Jersey have reiterated their drug warning for a strong batch of ecstasy tablets with an IKEA stamp, as they believe the pills are still in circulation and are dangerous.

The new warning comes just weeks after the previous concerns were shared following the death of an 18-year-old man who became ill after ingesting the blue and yellow pills.

The States of Jersey’s Health and Social Services Department issued a statement outlining why the public should be concerned about the current ecstasy in circulation: “Users will not know what ingredients make up an ecstasy tablet, nor its strength – recent batches circulating in Jersey have included a range of colours and designs, and some of these are stronger than average.”

The Island’s statement also included a warning about the general risks of taking ecstasy: “Taking ecstasy involves risks; these risks increase if the tablets are considered to be strong. Ecstasy can affect the body’s temperature control; dancing in a hot atmosphere after taking it also increases the risk of overheating.”

View a photo of the IKEA tablets above, which was provided by the States of Jersey Police.

[Via: ITV]

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