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New campaign launched to bring music back into education

Only 62 per cent of schools have compulsory classroom music lessons for students aged 13 to 14

  • Hannah Olarewaju
  • 29 June 2018
New campaign launched to bring music back into education

Music technology company Steinberg is launching a new campaign under the banner #ComposeWithDorico to save music education in schools.

Around 100 schools will be gifted with Dorico Elements, the music notation software that helps users write, print and play back music to a high professional standard. Schools will then be tasked with producing a piece of music with the software which will then be showcased at a special concert later in the year.

This action is as a result of worries that music education is taking a back seat to more traditional subjects. Steinberg spokesman Daniel Spreadbury said: “Governmental changes to the education system and a range of other factors has meant that music education is no longer seen as a priority, particularly when pitted against more traditional, core subjects.”

Steinberg want to change this by making the decisive step to bring music back into education with this campaign.

To find out more about Dorico Elements please check the website.