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New Data Shows Which Music Festival Is Most Expensive

Data from No.1 Currency and the Guardian shows how much each popular festival costs

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 13 April 2015

With festival season just starting to settle into its groove and dictate the summer spending of music lovers around the world, some interesting data has been published by No.1 Currency and the Guardian that determines which is the most expensive popular music festival in the world. And the number one spot probably won't come as much of a surprise.

Coachella is officially the world's most expensive festival, with the average festival goer spending around £187 per day. The fest, which just finished the first of two weekends, is one of the most talked about parties in the world, and is known for catering to the upper echelon of LA's fashion savvy residents.

Tomorrowland in Belgium however is a close second place, costing £186 per day. These two festivals are streets ahead of Glastonbury, in third place, which costs partiers £133 per day. Though if you're looking for a steal, look no further than Sziget in Budapest, which comes in at £47 a day.

The data also considers the overall travel cost (in which Roskilde in Denmark tops the ranking), beer prices (Coachella £5.73, and Sonar £0.74), as well as cost per meal and admission. The information, which the Guardian have contained in a neat little interactive infographic, sheds a bit of light on the swelling cost of the festival experience, and will hopefully give revelers an idea of where their money is best spent this summer.

You can view the data below.

[via: Guardian]

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