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'Cocoon Compilation R' is out next month

The series continues with Pig & Dan, Cristi Cons and more

  • James Ball
  • 22 June 2018
'Cocoon Compilation R' is out next month

Sven Väth's Cocoon label is releasing the latest chapter of its annual alphabet compilation on July 20.

While 'Cocoon Compilation R' features label mainstays such as Spain-based duo Pig & Dan, a number of new faces make their Cocoon debut, including Romanian Cristi Cons (pictured) and live set specialist Isolée.

A compilation record boxset, containing six fluorescent 12" vinyls, is available for pre-order on Phonica Records.

Listen to clips of the album and see the tracklist below.

1. Lusine – Parallel
2. Isolée – Yes Let
3. Mano Le Tough – Vanishing Landscapes
4. International Anything – The Future is Here
5. Eduardo De La Calle – Caravaca’s Distortion Theory
6. Inigo Kennedy – Black Light
7. Ambivalent & Alden Tyrell – War Island
8. Pig&Dan – Shattered Minds
9. ROD – Abel
10. Ingo Boss – Junghof Love Star
11. John Heckle – Fantasy
12. Cristi Cons – Bird in Space

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