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Mykki Blanco: "The idea that there is "one singular transgender narrative" is not true for everyone"

Activist and artist Mykki Blanco explains why his chosen pronoun matters

  • Valerie Lee
  • 26 September 2017

Rapper and artist Mykki Blanco is also a well-known transgender activist who, throughout his career, has adopted both the "he" and "she" pronouns.

In more recent times, Mykki (born Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.) has chosen to use the "he" pronoun in reference to his artist persona, and took to Facebook to clarify his thoughts behind the decision.

"When Mykki Blanco began I was trans-identified and lived and presented as femme for pretty much two years off the stage in my very real life in New York City as well as performing, I don't come from a traditional background in drag performance," he explained. "Exploring my trans-ness was a journey of healing and love. The idea that there is "one singular transgender narrative" of being born in the "wrong body" is false and not true for everyone. I didn't resign my gender or begin hormone replacement therapy because I realized my reasoning for transitioning was - in my opinion - in regards to my mental health, superficial and bought a lot into a system patriarchy. I thought being more "passable" would fix deeper emotional issues I had and that becoming a trans woman would make life "easier than being a femme gay man" and we all know this is not true. I am a gay man but my trans journey is who I am."

Blanco ended the personal statement by concluding that the choice to use "he" is because "he is a he, and that makes him Mykki Blanco".

Read the full statement below.

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