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Music Hackspace releases Autumn 2017 programme

Get under the skin of sound technology

  • Ammaarah Khan
  • 20 September 2017
Music Hackspace releases Autumn 2017 programme

Music Hackspace has announced the new programme for its residency at Somerset House Studios across September to November 2017.

The platform is used as a space to experiment and interact with sound and technology which is the basis of the workshops, talks and meetups.

Earlier this year, we reported on Algorave, the movement that is creating music with algorithms. Music Hackspace run a series of workshops and meetups based around making music with code, including a monthly meetup based around the open-source TidalCycles language. These requires no previous programming experience will take place at Somerset House on October 23 and November 13.

Other events include ‘Sketching an Interactive Musical Instrument with Sensors’ on October 9, a a Q+A and performance from Maria Chavez (pictured) on October 16; ‘Make music with code’ on November 13 and ‘A weekend of DIY synth workshops’ on November 15.

Click here to see Music Hackspace’s full events plan.

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