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Mosca parodies Ten Walls in remix apology

The producer has issued a formal response to the SoundCloud haters

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 2 October 2015

Mosca's remix of Trevino track 'Playtime' premiered on our site last month, and we think it's sick.

One disgruntled SoundCloud user disagrees however, and he took to the comments to vent his distaste.

Five minutes and seven seconds into listening to the track, Kris Montgomery asked "wtf is this cack man" and demanded that Mosca "put some feckin effort in ffs".

Mosca has now issued a formal apology for the remix, parodying Ten Walls' plea for forgiveness earlier this week.

The Not So Much label boss declared on Facebook:

Only time will tell if the global raving community is ready to accept Mosca back.

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