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Moderat plan to go on an indefinite hiatus following their current tour

Modeselektor and Apparat are likely to turn to their individual projects instead

  • Valerie Lee
  • 1 August 2017

Beloved super trio Moderat, made up of Modeselektor duo Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary and Sascha Ring (Apparat), are going on an undefined hiatus after their current tour wraps.

In a new feature in LOLA, Ring and Bronsert explain that the group have been positive about their choice to put aside their project as Moderat for a while, but aren't sure how long the hiatus is supposed to last. "Moderat was planned as a recovery project from our individual ones,” says Sascha Ring.

"Now we have to recover from Moderat!" Gernot Bronsert continues. "We’re all clear about a hiatus for the time being. It doesn’t have a set timeframe; we don’t yet know when we will continue with Moderat, and we also can’t say ‘if’. So this Berlin concert will be like the end of an era!”

The aforementioned Berlin concert is scheduled for September 2 at Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide.

During their Moderat hiatus, it seems like the artists will turn their focus back to their individual projects. Apparently, Modeselektor are already back in the studio together working on new material. “After the first album we went back to our own projects,” Sascha offers. “For me it was really hard to get back to the work with Apparat, to be alone in the studio, because I really got used to the dynamic between three people. So because of that experience we didn’t want to make the switch back again to Apparat and Modeselektor after II. It just took too much energy. The music world runs in phases. An album is a certain phase, and this one is coming to an end. That means it will be the last chance to see us for a while.”

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