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Moby's new video features a robot Donald Trump and an evil Theresa May

The pioneer takes aim at the current state of the planet

  • Shauna Flaherty
  • 20 June 2017

Well this doesn't hold back does it? Moby’s new video for ‘In This Cold Place’ depicts a dystopian city crumbling before our eyes under the rule of an evil, transforming Trump.

The video depicts characters from our childhood tackling issues of today, with Care Bears being segregated by colour, Thumper and friends clashing with bunnies in riot gear and a drunk He-Man being inappropriate towards females.

The video ends with Trump transforming into a dollar sign/swastika robot before malfunctioning and blow up. Other political figures including Theresa May and Rupert Murdoch appear in less that flattering circumstances.

Moby asked English animator Steve Cutts to illustrate the decaying world. Steve pushed his creative limits with this one although such topics like these aren’t a far cry from his other illustrations.

Moby has always been politically outspoken and regularly voices his distain for Trump. Days after the election he wrote an open letter asking “what the f**k is wrong with people”.

Watch the video below and check out our 10 iconic Moby moments here