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Bouncers at Manchester club Factory under investigation for assaulting a teenager

An 18-year-old suffered a ‘serious’ head injury in a violent incident outside the Manchester club

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 3 December 2018
Bouncers at Manchester club Factory under investigation for assaulting a teenager

Police are investigating bouncers employed to work at Manchester club Factory 251 club after footage of a violent assault outside the club emerged on the internet.

A shocking video posted on Twitter shows a ring of bouncers raining punches on two people outside the venue in the early hours of Sunday, December 2.

Joe Sharratt, an 18-year-old rugby league player for St Helens academy, has been named as one of the victims in the video after being hospitalised. His mother told the BBC he suffered a serious head injury and had a bleed on the brain, but is now "sitting up and talking". Greater Manchester Police said the teenager is in a stable condition.

A St Helens spokesman said: "Joe is of impeccable character and is an upstanding member of our Academy system.

"He is a top academic achiever with a very bright future ahead of him alongside his rugby league prowess."

GMP have appealed for witnesses and anyone with further footage to come forward, and Manchester council has also launched an investigation.

Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle said: "We’re aware that there are a number of videos circulating on social media and I cannot stress how important it is that those with footage make contact with us.

"With a mobile phone at everyone’s fingertips, filming something is often the first thing people think to do but please, pass this onto us to so we can fully investigate this matter.

"While it was early in the morning, this happened on a busy street so there may have been people who have seen something but have not yet been in touch with us."

Factory has posted a statement online, condemning the incident as “appalling” and promising “full support” to the police inquiry. Read the statement in full below.

[Via: BBC and MEN]

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