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Loraine James announces a new EP 'Nothing' on Hyperdub

This will be her sophomore release on Hyperdub

  • Jemima Skala
  • 30 August 2020
Loraine James announces a new EP 'Nothing' on Hyperdub

Following the success of last year’s full length album ‘For You And I’, Loraine James has announced the release of a new EP ‘Nothing’. It will be released via Hyperdub on October 2.

Lead single ‘Don’t You See It?’ features HTRK frontwoman Jonnine Standish and is a luscious, tender and expansive track that pieces seemingly incompatible sounds and textures together to provoke a heartswell.

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Speaking on her lyrics, Standish has commented that they’re a reflection on moving on from a destructive relationship: “Just thinking about someone is a direct energy force that can hold that person unconsciously and your energy can get messy, and tied up together like a knot.”

‘Nothing’ is an EP littered with collaborations. After reaching out publicly for collaborators, James found an eclectic mix of artists, like Uruguayan singer and producer Lila Tirdo a Violeta and Farsi language rapper Tardast.

Listen to ‘Don’t You See It?’ below and preorder the EP here.

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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