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The Zelda soundtrack has been recreated using analog synths

Really lush vibes

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 28 April 2017

One of the world’s most iconic videogames has been given the analog synthesizer treatment.

The Legend Of Zelda has been a fan favourite ever since it debuted in 1986 and, courtesy of Japanese composer Koji Kondo, the series also has one of the most recognisable and beloved soundtracks in video game history.

Now Texas musician Will Patterson has reimagined the original 16-bit soundtrack with an array of vintage analog synthesizers called Switched On: Zelda – A Link To The Past.

The Zelda soundtrack is the first album in his series Switched On Snes that will look to reimagine a number of old-skool, 16-bit soundtracks. Donkey Kong County, EarthBound and Secret Of Mana are reportedly next.

The nine-song selection is available on Bandcamp with Patterson claiming all the royalties from sales will go to original composer Kondo and Nintendo.

Listen to the full soundtrack below.

Louis Anderson-Rich is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow him on Twitter

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