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Listen to music on-the-go in style with these suitcases

Case Of Bass deliver vintage class

  • Dave Turner
  • 3 August 2016

Forget about listening to your iPod or iPhone when out and about. There's a whole new way of experiencing your tunes thanks to a company from Portland in the United States.

Boomboxes may not be as precedent as they once were with b-boys back in the 80s, but Case Of Bass' selection of suitcases could be the answer to blaring music returning to the streets.

Hand-built, the speaker systems are combined with "the finest vintage suitcases" from the States and come with bluetooth and auxiliary compatibility and MP3 inputs.

Company owners and brothers Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt say they "incorporate reliable technologies that seamlessly tie into the unique stylings of the cases. Each one is powered and engineered to let you grab music by the handle and set off on the journey that is your life."

In the online store, you can pick from 'Courier Class', 'Debonair Class', 'Diplomat Class' and 'Swarthy Class', with prices ranging from $444 to $1050.

Have a look at the above gallery for a taste of what's on offer.

[Via: Dangerous Minds]

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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