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Kerri Chandler's stolen music bag has been returned

Thieves claim they were “drunk”

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 26 September 2016

Kerri Chandler has had his music bag returned after it was stolen from Phonox in London last night (September 26).

The legendary house producer took to his Facebook page early this morning asking for help in retrieving his black canvas Samsonite bag with all of his music and personal belongings in it, following a Voyeur album launch party.

In a second Facebook post today, Chandler said the bag was returned by a friend of the thieves who had taken it because they were “drunk” and thanked his fans and the Phonox team.

“Words cannot describe my disappointment in these people, but I am completely overwhelmed by the support that everyone has shown and also the assistance from the team at Phonox,” Chandler wrote on Facebook. “I’m certain that it is this support that led to my bag being returned so thank you!”

Despite it being returned, Chandler claimed there was still a present from his daughter missing and that he suspected the thieves had gone through the contents of the bag but would not be going to the police.

In his original post, the Kaoz Theory head described the thief as “an Italian woman; blond hair, 5"5 + a tattoo of an apple with the word ‘Apple’ underneath, on her upper back" and had a male accomplice with her.

[Photo: Tony TK Smith]

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