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Keep your vinyl in the best condition possible with these illustrated guides

They come as part of new label Float's debut release

  • Poppy Bullen
  • 25 July 2017

New label Float is releasing an illustrated seven-point guide to the keeping your records nice and healthy.

The beautifully illustrated instructions can be found on the inner sleeve of their debut release ‘Ore’, a pulsing minimalism album by the Berlin-based artist Andrea Belfi. The vinyl care guide was created by Hannah Burrough and Robbie Wojciechowski and references the designs of old school inner sleeves that had record related further direction.

Float has shared the first four steps of their guide which cover guidelines on storage, light, water and sleeves. See them in the gallery above.

Head to the Float website to buy Befi’s new album and see the rest of the guide.

[Via: The Vinyl Factory]

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