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Kanye West is going in on Deadmau5 after a Twitter call out

"Is this person's name pronounced dead-mow-five?"

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 2 March 2016

Twitter has awarded us the ultimate clashing of musical egos today, thanks to a loose screenshot Kanye shared of his laptop screen that unveiled that Kanye has a penchant for casually surfing Pirate Bay for an illegal download of Serum, a software that retails for about $189.

Deadmau5 jumped on the opportunity to call him out on it, promptly calling him a "dick" and then going on to suggest that someone create a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Kanye.

Apparently, the Toronto producer's tweets did not go unnoticed. Kanye jumped on his own Twitter this morning for a chain of highly entertaining jabs at his fellow Tidal-mate, which he had no issue throwing onto the table alongside sarcastic blows about Deadmau5's mau5 head.

If the said Minnie Mau5 stream does end up happening, we will tune in. We're not positive, but this Twitter feud could be the best PR stunt for Tidal has ever seen.

Possibly. Here's to hoping they'll hug it out soon.

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