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Justin Martin

Hello Clouds


  • Ben Jolley
  • 13 May 2016
Justin Martin

Justin Martin’s Snapchat followers might wonder where he found time to record a new album. But despite playing 90 shows worldwide – in one tour - the San Francisco producer is back with his second full-length, ‘Hello Clouds’.

From the vast strings of opener ‘Dive In’ via floaty interludes ‘U R HERE’ and ‘Tropical Storm Mango’, the Dirtybird don mixes bass with melody in an interesting, mind-expanding way; spotlighting ethereal vocal talents Charlotte OC (‘Rabbit Hole’), FEMME (‘Hello Clouds’) and Lena Cullen (‘Odyssey’) along the way.

Though it’s Will Clarke-collab ‘Back To The Jungle’, and ‘Wet Cat (Sooo Wet)’, produced with Ardalan and Kill Frenzy, that are the booty-shaking front runners, full of the club-rattling bass that Justin Martin is known for.

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