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Jori Hulkkonen

Black Books (Doc L Junior’s robo-dub)


  • Digby
  • 4 April 2016
Jori Hulkkonen

Weathered disco enthusiasts will know Doc L Junior from his Music For Freaks days, where he’d tear out infectious grooves for the quirky yet pummelling label. Here, he slows down the tempo to create a decent cut for the slo-mo massive. As is often the case with these types of tracks, the space between the crunchy beats is filled with an arping synth that weaves its way through the track in a haze of automation.

A deep wave of bass throbs beneath before the Bowie-esque vocals appear, and there’s also an atmospheric synth onslaught towards the end to lose yourself in. File it away with your other 90bpm tunes and bust it out at an afterhours when everyone else is totally spangled.

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