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Jeff Mills enters ‘The Kill Zone’ on forthcoming EP

A new three-tracker exploring the 'Free Fall Galaxy' is on the way

  • Harrison Williams
  • 20 September 2016

Jeff Mills has shared details of a new release titled ‘The Kill Zone’ EP, forthcoming on his very own Axis Records imprint.

The new EP serves as the second single from the ‘Free Fall Galaxy’, his recently released album that dropped back in June, and consists three tracks, two of which have yet to surface.

Following in suit with the theme that rests at the heart of most of his material, Jeff Mills is continuing to explore sci-fi subject matter on ‘The Kill Zone’ EP. It’s no secret he enjoys exploring the possibilities of the universe and with that notion in mind, Mills' influences in his recent work become clear.

A press release describes 'Free Fall Galaxy': “Unlike the three Galaxies humans know of; the elliptical, the abnormal and the type in which we reside, the spiral galaxy, the idea of a fourth or higher type of galaxy is something that we can only imagine as our science has yet to discover the traces of another type. So with your imagination, Jeff Mills uses it to draw penetrable comparisons to what we know as fact against what we feel and sense as probable.”

Look for ‘The Kill Zone’ EP to be released October 7. Listen to previews here.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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