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Japan's government has eased the country's 'no dancing' rule

Clubs can now operate for 24 hours with a special license

  • Mixmag staff
  • 17 June 2015

Good news for clubbers in Japan. The country's 'no dancing' law has been altered.

The legislation, named Fueiho, has been in force since 1948, meaning clubs, referred to as "adult entertainment establishments", had to close between midnight and sunrise if a special license wasn't acquired.

However, from 2016, changes to the law, approved by Japan's House Of Councillors this week, means clubs with lighting brighter than 10 lux can apply for the Tokutei Yukyo Inshokuten Eigyo license, allowing them to stay open for 24 hours.

Japan Times reports that clubs staying open for long periods must make a note of noise complaints from neighbours, while police will "measure illumination in the clubs' seating areas and permit dimmer light in dance areas, given that light settings can vary on the dancefloor".

[ Via: RA]

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