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Ivy Lab to launch new label with debut album

'Ivy Lab Presents 20/20 Volume One' will be released in November

  • Mixmag staff
  • 22 September 2015

Ivy Lab's debut album, ' Ivy Lab Presents 20/20 Volume One', is arriving on November 6.

Sabre, Stray and Halogenix are marking the launch of their new label, 20/20 LDN Recordings, with a 16-track LP showcasing their prowess for scorching halftime and rowdy "future beats" with plenty of zip and vigour.

Not necessarily falling under the category of their past output on Critical Recordings and Metalheadz, the trio say the album tracks "are a mix of solo beats from individual members and collaborative productions between all three of us", while the label allows them to showcase the other side of their production.

The press release says: "We have no intention of turning our backs on drum & bass, but we have such a huge body of music in this style that it makes sense for us to create a parallel platform dedicated to this movement."

Listen to the wall-shaking 'Shamrock' and see their upcoming tour dates below, including the 20/20 party at new London club Phonox tomorrow (September 23).

September 23 - London, UK
September 26 - Berlin, DE
September 26 - Salzburg, AT
October 2 - Manchester, UK
October 3 - Haarlem, NL
October 16 - Perth, AU
October 16 - Rome, Italy
October 17 - Sydney, AU
October 23 - Adelaide, AU
October 24 - Auckland, NZ
October 24 - Hamburg, DE
October 29 - Dunedin, NZ
October 30 - Wellington, NZ
October 30 - London, UK
October 30 - Bristol, UK
October 31 - Southend, UK
November 2 - Melbourne, AU
November 6 - Birmingham, UK
November 13 - Sheffield, UK
November 13 - Bristol, UK
November 20 - Farnham, UK
November 21 - London, UK
November 26 - London, UK