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Industrial area could become Sydney's new music hub

Clubbers could be making their way to lockout-free Sydenham in the future

  • 21 April 2016

A local council in Sydney's inner-west has put forward a plan that could save the city's lockout-affected nightlife.

City of Marrickville wants to turn the area around Sydenham Station, Sydenham, about eight kilometres from central Sydney, into a a creative hub with bars and live music venues. The pocket is currently zoned 'General Industrial' and would need to be rezoned 'Light Industrial' to allow a range of new industries to operate out of the area.

The council reckons the spot is perfect for live music because aircraft flying over from nearby Sydney Airport and a landscape dominated by industrial businesses make it good for not much else, really. A number of music haunts already operate nearby in Marrickville. The plan also incorporates restaurants, cafes and studios.

While we don't think people should be locked out of central Sydney bars and clubs after 1.30am, which they have been for more than two years, we do like the idea of warehouses-turned-clubs in an industrial music mecca.

For more information and to support the idea, head here.

Scott Carbines is Mixmag's Australian Digital Content Editor, follow him on Twitter

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