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Imprint: Ultramajic

An insight into Jimmy Edgar's label

  • Funster
  • 3 February 2015
Imprint: Ultramajic

Jimmy Edgar is the definition of a jack-of-all-trades. The Detroit artist not only creates warped techno and mutant bass, he is also an avid graphic designer, video-maker and has a keen eye for fashion. Over the last 12 months however it's been another project that's got people excited. His Ultramajic imprint is on fine form and it's put us under a mystical spell.

"I wanted to open a void and create a new world for people to get into, a visual and musical experience," he says. "Our plan was always to make dance music and slowly expand from there."

And open a void he has. Ever since the first release in 2013, Edgar's 'Hot Inside', the label has pushed a sound that's ever evolving and consistently mind bending. Accompanying every release is artwork courtesy of Pilar Zeta, an artist who Edgar has collaborated with for the past few years.

Whether it's doors leading to new dimensions or a twisted computer reality, every record sleeve possesses a meaning that is just as important as the music.

"The basic idea is that each release is a light, it comes from Rosicrucian theology. So, our catalog numbers are called LVX for this reason. The art is to reflect this as well, we play with illuminated ideas from a lot of spiritual books that we read," Jimmy says. "We had these ideas when we first started the label, but then a psychic told Pilar that we would be bringing back the 'knowledge from Atlantis' without knowing anything about us. Whether its true or not we sort of adopted this ethos for ourselves."


Aesthetics aside there have been EPs from Aden (a side project from Machinedrum), Danny Daze, Spatial and hotly-tipped newcomer Chambray. Chambray's 'Rub' EP came fully-loaded with some wild remixes and he's also got another EP set to drop in the next few months. Whether it's established artists or producers that are making waves, the music policy is simple: "I only release something I love," Edgar states.

The regular uploading of mixes, EPs and remixes has meant that the output is always fresh and always changing. Daze shocked us with his abrasive and wild 'Silicon', Creepy Autograph got all glitchy with some Detroit-styled electro and techno and Edgar continues his bass-laden journey.

With new Jets (Edgar and Machinedrum's collaborative project) material arriving soon and more projects from Crystal Bandito on the way, the Ultramajic legacy continues. And how does Edgar sum it upl in one sentence? "Fun, mystic, magic music." It's hard to disagree with that.

To fully comprehend the Ultramajic ethos, you need to be heading to Fabric on February 6 for Edgar's FabricLive launch. The boss is next in line to mix the prestigious compilation and room 2 couldn't represent the label better. Machinedrum, Chambray and Kris Wadsworth will be joining Jimmy for a night of fire and we've got a slamming mix to get you ready.

For the Imprint mix of mostly Ultramajic tunes, it's over to Chambray who's delivered a mission statement that covers the next twelve months ahead. Consisting of upcoming and past label releases, there are cuts from Aden, Matrixxman and Jimmy Edgar alongside some massive tracks by Matthias Zimmermann and Hoshina Anniversary. Beware: mystic fire inside.

Jimmy Edgar and Chambray will be playing at Fabric on February 6, tickets here

Download exclusive mix (right click & save)

1) Matthias Zimmermann – Daiki (Demo) [Forthcoming Sound Pellegrino]
2) Chambray – Work That [Forthcoming Ultramajic]
3) Matrixxman – Stop It (Percapella) [Ultramajic]
4) Jimmy Edgar – Irrhythmix [Unreleased Ultramajic]
5) Yaleesa Hall – 1st Leyland [Will & Ink]
6) ID – ID
7) Chambray - Rub [Ultramajic]
8) Aden – Tanz 2 (Grau) [Ultramajic]
9) Kink – Fantasia (Truncate Remix) [Pets Recordings]
10) Hoshina Anniversary – Duke [Forthcoming AYCB Records]
11) Vin Sol – Trac [Clone Jack For Daze]
12) TRVE – Zephyris (DUB)[Clubwerks]
13) ID – ID
14) Chambray – Ghetto Giants [Ultramajic]
15) ID - ID

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