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Idris Elba shares his most embarrassing DJ story on Jimmy Fallon

With special shouts to Output BK and Glastonbury

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 20 July 2016

Last night, Idris Elba made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to chat about his career as a DJ.

Elba mentioned learning to DJ at just eight years of age and discussed a handful of performances, including an especially troublesome set with Nile Rodgers.

The star actor and DJ recalls standing across the stage from Rodgers at a Swiss music conference. He recalled the legendary guitarist announcing to the cheering crowd that Elba was the surprise guest and bellowing 'Idris, hit it!', which was then followed by an anticipated moment... and complete, cringe-worthy silence. The sound malfunction lasted an excruciating three minutes before attention was diverted.

Luckily, Elba's story was laughable in hindsight. Idris even gave honorable mention to Brooklyn's Output Club (where he played on July 4 weekend with Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers) and Glastonbury festival, explaining that his passion as a DJ is a "good release".

See the full interview below.

Sydney is Mixmag's US Digital Content Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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