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Ibiza Shore isn't going down too well with the locals

Politicians are fully against the commissioned MTV show

  • MIxmag staff
  • 22 July 2015

It looks like the planned Ibiza Shore show on MTV isn't going to be too straightforward to make.

Politicians on the island have come out against it as they don't want to portray the White Isle as a place for booze-fueled goons (you'll know what we mean if you've seen the Jersey and Geordie versions). Not that they used those words exactly.

President of the local government, Vicent Torres, said: "If we can stop this, we will. It's a matter of image, that's what worries us. That's a side of Ibiza that we're not interested in at all."

In a bid to restrict filming of the show, various government sectors are asking venues not to collaborate with producers, while one catering company, El Catering Francés, even turned down a €27,000 job because, much like a lot of people in Ibiza, it doesn't want the show there.

Safe to say we're with them on that one.

[ Via: the Guardian]

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