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Huxley's started a new label, No Idea's Original

It kicks off with a collaborative single with J.Phlip

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 26 October 2015
Huxley's started a new label, No Idea's Original

Huxley has launched a new label.

No Idea's Original springs to life on December 4 with the release of 'What You Want', a transatlantic collab from the UK producer and the US's J.Phlip. Released on heavyweight vinyl and digital, the single features two tracks from the pair as well as a remix from Clone's Vin Sol.

Of course, this isn't Huxley's first label. Those in the know will have collected the 12"s released via Saints & Sonnets, the imprint he used to run with Jimmy Posters. Of the new venture, which he'll be running on his own, Huxley said: "It's called No Idea's Original because I kept getting asked for 'concepts' for things and found it exasperating. Everything has to have an 'original concept' these days, or so people in the music industry will tell you, and it's bollocks - not least because no idea is original these days. Just putting music out or doing parties because you want to and are passionate should be enough."

The Aus-affiliated artist will of course be releasing via No Idea's Original and he's also lined up records from Sage Caswell, Kalyde and Pierre Codarin.

Stream 'What You Want' below and watch for the drop on Dec 4. Visit the label Facebook here.

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