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How we made...

Hot Creations star wAFF on the making of tech-house thumper 'Connected'

  • Mixmag
  • 8 April 2015
How we made...

What inspired the track and how did it begin?
I had just got my new Adam Audio 7 speakers the week I made the track, so I was in a particularly good mood. I wanted to make something upbeat and housey, and 'Connected' was the result! I think I made one of the other tracks the same week I got the speakers, too, so you could say the whole EP was inspired by the Adam speakers. I don't usually get inspired by random things, though. I get most of my inspiration from seeing other DJs, and raving. I like to go to Ibiza or stay in Berghain for days as I don't really get the chance when I'm touring.

How did you finish it?
I had a nightmare with it as a drink was spilled all over my Mac and I lost everything, including 'Connected'. I had to remake it. The plug-ins I used were Minimonsta, Lush 101, Subboombass... maybe Minimoog, I think. The main synth melody that runs through the whole track is Lush 101, and there's another sound layered underneath it to give it more width, and volume made by the Minimonsta. And of course Subboombass was used for the sub-bass. I usually create the loop and get pretty much the whole track's individual parts and effects all made together on the Live page in Ableton, and then once I've got everything I need to start finishing it I record the first, say, two minutes of the track live just so everything is set into place on the sequencing page. Then I go into it and write the rest of the arrangement.

What's your best advice?
For me, a laptop's perfect because you can really dig deep into layers of sound. Obviously speakers will give you a more professional sound and clarity, but I'm not that arsed! Headphones have been good to me, and if you're on the move and have an idea or a burst of inspiration they're great! Working on the move passes the time. I couldn't imagine touring and travelling constantly and not making music on the go. I'd be well bored. For some reason I end up making some of my best stuff on the go, maybe because I'm not trying to think about it too much. I just see it as fun.

wAFF's 'Fat Gash' EP is out now on Hot Creations

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