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Helena Hauff

'A Tape' (Handmade Birds)


  • Funster
  • 18 March 2015
Helena Hauff

One play of 'A Tape' by Helena Hauff and we knew we'd just heard something special. On the surface the 12-track album, out on cassette, sounds abrasive and dark – but dig deeper and there's warmth and heart to every one of the steely, intelligently produced tracks.

'Ca5p' is the first taste, and through every twist and turn is a savage kick-drum and rolling drop. The top-line meanders and darts from side to side, all the while being teased out and reintroduced with joyous results. 'Pps' is a collection of mutant tones, bubbling bass undercurrents and sharp cuts that combine to create a devilishly frantic track. 'Tape7' kicks off the B-side with a dusty and trauma-inducing thud before 'Split Scission' comes hurtling in with ferocious organs at breakneck pace.

The entire album is a warped yet tantalising journey through Hauff's expert production psyche, and while not for everyone, it's one of the best electro albums we've listened to in years.

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