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​Gilles Peterson donates records to North London charity shops

The DJ revealed that he owns over 50,000 records

  • Jaguar Bingham
  • 8 January 2017

Gilles Peterson has revealed that he has given away part of his vinyl collection to charity shops in North London.

The 6Music selector claims that he owns over 50,000 records collected throughout his 30-year career, housed in three different locations in London.

In the Facebook Live video for the Guardian, Peterson tells of how he signed Terry Collier, The Roots and Dayme Arocena and announces that his 2017 resolution is to re-order his huge vinyl collection from artist A-Z to label A-Z. He then reveals that he has just donated 100s of his records to charity shops in North London.

Watch the full video with Gilles Peterson on the Guardian’s Facebook page.

[Via: Stamp The Wax]

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