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Floating Points to reissue rare soul album on his label

Original pressings retail for over £1000

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 4 January 2017

Floating Points has announced his label’s first album reissue with Tomorrow’s People’s ‘Open Soul’.

The collectors item will be the second release on the Melodies International label he runs with DJ Love On The Run, Mafalda and Javybz following last year’s popular reissue of Aged In Harmony’s ‘You’re A Melody’.

With original pressings retailing on Discogs for over £1000, the release is available for the considerably more manageable price of £20.

It’s the first time ‘Open Soul’ has been available to buy for 40 years and was made in collaboration with original band member Timothy Burton, who helped restore the album from original pressings.

The album is the only LP ever recorded by the south Chicago band, made up of four brothers Timothy, Kevin, Maurice and Gerald.

The release will come with band memorabilia and an interview with one of the Burton brothers when it is officially released on January 27.

Listen to clips from the album here and 'Let's Get With The Beat' below.