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Fabric is hosting a family-friendly rave for the first time ever

With the London club's legendary residents at the decks

  • Harrison Williams
  • 27 June 2018
Fabric is hosting a family-friendly rave for the first time ever

London nightclub fabric is taking a moment away from its usual programming to host a family-friendly rave for the first time ever.

In collaboration with Big Fish Little Fish, organizers who have been putting on raves geared toward parents and their children since 2013, the event at fabric will feature a collection of drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, techno and house.

Behind the decks in Room One will be Terry Francis and WetYourSelf’s Jacob Husley, two of the club's legendary residents. Room Two will also stay in line with fabric's renowned bookings with an evening curated by Hospital Records, including London Elektricity, BCee and Chris Inperspective.

Founder and CEO of Big Fish Little Fish, Hannah Saunders, touched on the excitement for bringing the family friendly rave to the iconic venue: “Bringing Big Fish Little Fish to fabric is a dream come true. Fabric has been such an inspiration and home to so many brilliant memories for thousands of clubbers, myself included. It will be an honour and a privilege to rave with our families on its dancefloors.”

The atmosphere at fabric for the Big Fish Little Fish event will be slightly different than at peak time on regular club nights, with sound at safe levels and no strobe lights, in keeping with World Health Organisation guidelines. That said, the venue promises the music will be “loud enough to feel like you are at a club”.

Big Fish Little Fish will take place at fabric on September 30 from 2PM to 4:30 PM.

[Via: Evening Standard]

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