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Expect a "3D" album from Kraftwerk in autumn

The group will release their live performances on Blu-ray

  • Mixmag staff
  • 27 August 2015

After a tour of 3D performances, Kraftwerk are working on an album that is expected to come out this autumn on Blu-ray.

Ralf Hütter, the only remaining original member of the pioneering German group, recently spoke with Rolling Stone and broke down the details of the record.

"We translated our performances to 3D, and in surround sound, kind of like 3D sound. We've put a lot of work into all the images, transforming from our Kling Klang archives into 3D format and arranging it synchronized with the music, so it's quite a lot of production."

The performances he talks of include one at Tate Modern in London and Sydney Opera House, with more lined up as they travel to North America next month.

Detroit's another topic covered, with Hütter drawing comparisons between the group and the city nicknamed Motor City.

He said: "There's quite a techno connection, Kraftwerk to Detroit. Maybe you know that photograph of the robots in front of the theater - that's the State Theatre in Detroit.

"The industrial sound of Motor City and Kraftwerk on the autobahn, there's a spiritual connection. Automatic rhythms, robotic work, robotic music - all kinds of fantasies are going on."

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