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Essential: Insert’s beatless, ambient club mix

Featuring Mr. Mitch, Prayer, E.M.M.A and Frank Ocean

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 5 July 2017
Essential: Insert’s beatless, ambient club mix

It's a sound usually reserved for that after-the-dancefloor euphoria, a sound that soundtracks the post-rave hours so pivotal to the clubbing experience. Hazy, atmospheric tunes, packed with emotion and after-glow sensibilities, with just enough bite to keep you going after a night of bass weight.

However Insert has brought the ambient side of club out from the afters, offering up a beatless, 30-minute mix with tracks from some of the best producers on the scene.

Titled, ‘musicallfastintheclub’, it features the likes of instrumental grime pioneer Mr. Mitch, alongside Prayer, E.M.M.A, Yamenko, Shy One, as well as a mysterious interlude titled, ‘Frank Ocean Ambience 003’.

An almost out-of-body experience, 'Musicallfastintheclub' takes you on an immersive trip through the possibilities of club music - without a bassline in sight. Insert say their goal is to: "push and contextualize seminal areas of underground music and club culture", and this exploration into the wonders of weightless does just that.

Give it a listen below.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter