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Essential: HAAi's Coconut Beats show on Rinse FM

A special delivery from South America with the Phonox resident

  • Alex Green
  • 21 July 2017
Essential: HAAi's Coconut Beats show on Rinse FM

Of all the factors that carve out the identity of a club, a good resident is likely the most important. HAAi has helmed Saturday nights at Brixton's Phonox since late last year. In that time, she's built a committed following and endowed the already well-tuned space with a dose of her bright, unique musical personality.

Teneil Thorsell, as she's known to her friends, has managed this by doing what she does best: playing to others the music that makes her tick. Rhythmically complex and influenced as much by pre-turn of the century psychedelia as she is by world rhythms and house, the Australian born DJ has put her unique stamp on the club.

Coconut Beats is her new pet project - a series of Saturday nights at Phonox, each celebrating a different nation and the dance music it has inspired. This week her Monday afternoon slot on Rinse FM was dedicated to South African grooves. This Saturday, she will be joined by Auntie Flo and Mr Bongo for an all-night session celebrating the sounds of Latin America.

HAAi only broadcast her first show on Rinse in May. Since then her weekly slot has been a treasure trove of rare rhythms and tropical grooves. This instalment is no different. Tune in for disco, house and, in her words, a "peppering of east African tunes".

Listen to HAAi's hour-long show below.

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