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Essential: DJ Haram rises up against the 'Body Count' with cutting new single

Confrontational club from the Discwoman signee

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith | Photo credit: Eva Wo
  • 1 June 2017
Essential: DJ Haram rises up against the 'Body Count' with cutting new single

DJ Haram is the versatile producer and DJ renowned for her abilities to work a crowd through Jersey, Philly and Baltimore club in the space of a jaw-dropping set.

Currently touring North America and Europe, highlight appearances at GHE20G0TH1K, De School, Club Chai and Creamcake among others showcase the span of her growing, global following. With her past role in the infamous underground club night ATM coupling DJ sets with audio-visual elements and live performance, she now curates a legal fundraiser party series titled, (f)LAWLESS and a monthly hip hop night Gas in Philly.

‘Body Count’ will be the second single taken from her debut solo EP, due this year. The EP will combine visual projects with each track, kicking off with ‘Body Count's' narrative as portrayed by photographer Eva Wo. Inspired by the dual meaning behind the phrase, Haram explains, “I find it hard to navigate the world without giving into personal, cultural obsessions of sex and death."

The track itself takes elements of her Middle Eastern heritage, perhaps lighter than some of her more cut-throat club edits, but confrontational nonetheless. It's jarring and tense, with a hypnotic, trance-like rhythm and clanging metallic melody.

Give it a listen below.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter

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