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EDC has generated over $1.3 billion for the Las Vegas economy

The economic gain has been immense from the huge festival

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 24 February 2016

In 2015, Electric Daisy Carnival made its fifth return to Las Vegas, the city that welcomed the larger-than-life festival after Los Angeles shut its doors to big-scale music dance music festivals.

Where LA's A Night At Fairplex was cancelled last year, Las Vegas has time and time again celebrated and continued to welcome EDC, crediting the three-day show for noticeable economic stimulation since its move to Sin City.

A newly-released study from Beacon Economics proves the festival is once again a money-maker for Clark County in Nevada. The study has unveiled that EDC boosted the county's economy by $350.3 million in just the past year. Collectively, EDC has brought in over $1.3 billion to the economy of Las Vegas and Clark County as a whole with over 1.7 million attendees.

Find a full breakdown of the report below.

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