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Doorly launches a new DJ retreat in Ibiza

Focusing on wellness and immersive learning for DJs and producers

  • Valerie Lee
  • 16 August 2019
Doorly launches a new DJ retreat in Ibiza

Orbit DJ Retreats is the newest wellness and betterment experience heading to Ibiza.

Focusing on DJs and producers specifically, Orbit aims to create an immersive experience to encourage the exchange of knowledge and learning sessions on tools for success in the music industry, production and software workshops as well as wider, artist-focused skills like marketing, social media, branding and business development.

The first Orbit retreat will launch in October of this year, taking place across five days at Fred’s Finca, located in the center of the UNESCO protected natural park in Ibiza.

Orbit will be hosted by Doorly and welcome tutors from Pioneer, Ableton and Logic.

"I was really fortunate to receive incredible, career changing advice from several of my heroes on the way up, and I remember the feeling of pure love it gave me that somebody at that level would make a little time to give me some guidance, a feeling I will never forget," says Doorly. "I feel like it should be an imperative part of this music industry thing to help the new breed break through by simply passing on your knowledge, and trying to help them not make some of the mistakes that you did along the way! It costs nothing but a little time to do, but it can be life changing for the recipient. The feeling of seeing them benefit from a little bit of help gives me a buzz like no other."

Orbit will take place on October 6-11. Find more information and book here.

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